Did you know that women cycle internally for up to 7 years after their period has stopped?

This is what your conventional doctor won't tell you since he's too busy covering up your symptoms.

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Any of the following symptoms could point to PCOS

(not an exhaustive list):
- Irregular cycles
- Spotting in the middle of the cycle
- Up and down with moods
- Difficulty losing weight
- Infertility
- Hair loss
- Blood sugar problems
- Obesity
PCOS cases are "perfect" for Functional Medicine since they involve a combination of dietary adjustment, adrenal healing and cycle correction (all of which are generally ignored by conventional physicians)


Before spending thousands of dollars on expensive IVF treatments or questionable PCOS medications, run a 28 day salivary hormonal panel. 
We promise your body will thank you for it!
A 28-day hormone panel is a salivary test where you have to send in 11-14 saliva samples (yes, no needles!) which helps the lab map out what your hormones are doing.  Once Dr Gupta has a clear picture of your cycle or any related abnormalities, he will be able to guide you towards the steps needed for a healthy and successful pregnancy! Our program includes a reusable ovulation detector to know your most fertile days, as well as a specially designed supplement program to increase the sperm count of the male partner naturally.


Cyclical augmentation for menstrual irregularities

This video will explain Dr. Gupta's use of cyclical augmentation protocols to correct menstrual disturbances​. If it's too technical for your taste, book a free consult to discuss your specific issue with the doctor. 

(Video courtesy: Kalish Institute)


The tried and tested Functional Medicine approach for Infertility and PCOS. Get pregnant naturally without hormone injections or expensive IVF cycles 




28-day saliva panel, GI-MAP and Organic Acids

Both for you and your partner



To know your most fertile days

300 minutes of consultation time, 24x7 chat support

A celebration when you're pregnant!

   Get started: Basic minimum testing

28-day salivary panel       Organic Acids test



                   GI-MAP or GI360



Right up to the moment of his death in 2003, John R. Lee, M.D. dedicated his life to helping women and men overcome health issues related to hormone imbalances. His books have made millions aware that there are natural alternatives to synthetic hormones and their side effects. The following wonderfully informative books are your best friends when dealing with hormonal problems.


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