Why should you test?


But my doctor doesn't believe in functional testing! 

Myth #1
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take the guesswork out.

The Kalish Method is a systematic, three-system approach to healing.

step 1: hormones

Stress impacts hormones, which in turn reduces your immunity, making you more susceptible to gut infections

STEP 2: gut

In classical naturopathic theory, the gut is the "mother" of the body since it feeds the entire body.

STEP 3: detox

Even though detox support is the most crucial step, it is done last to avoid overwhelm.

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                Dr. Gupta's Testing Packages

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      Salivary adrenal profile $399 - 

   includes test plus 30 minute consult  

      Patients with unexplained fatigue, infertility, PCOS or menstrual disturbances benefit hugely from doing a hormone profile. 


GIMAP package $499 -

includes test plus 30 minute consult

Regardless of symptoms, Dr. G strongly recommends all his patients to get the GIMAP test done.

This test measures organisms in the digestive tract, such as bacteria, parasites and viruses which can be the underlying cause of many digestive conditions and other chronic illnesses.


Organic Acids package $499 -
includes test plus 30 minute consult


The Organic Acids profile provides vital patient information from a single urine specimen. This test measures metabolic intermediates produced in pathways of central energy production, detoxification,  neurotransmitter breakdown, and intestinal microbial activity.

Still not convinced about the benefits of testing? 

This true heartbreaking story will explain why we strictly follow the mantra "Test, don't guess."

Patients often ask me, "Dr. Gupta, why do you insist on testing? Isn't functional medicine all about supplements and vitamins?"


Let me tell you a true story.

In the year 2013, I had a bright colleague by the name of Rohan (name changed). For as long as I had known Rohan, he had complained of acidity, indigestion and bloating. However, in the previous six months, it seemed to have increased. I had been asking Rohan to get tested for several months but he had been resistant. Every time I brought up the topic, he would say "Relax, it's just some indigestion. I'll take some digestive enzymes and supplements."

To be fair, the supplements did help Rohan. Every time he popped a digestive supplement pill, he would be fine for about a day. The cycle became predictable after a point: He would feel bad, I would lecture him about getting tested, he would ignore me, he would then take a supplement and feel better. This continued for several months. 

A few days before Christmas, Rohan suddenly started vomiting blood. We rushed him to the ER where the doctors ran a bunch of sophisticated tests on him, and eventually we were told that Rohan had an aggressive, virulent H.pylori infection that had led to the development of gastric cancer. If only he had tested, we would have caught the H.pylori infection early and treated it with functional medicine herbal protocols.

Unfortunately, the doctors only gave Rohan a few months to live. Before I even had time to prepare myself emotionally, I lost a dear friend and the world lost a bright, promising doctor.

The point of this story is not to scare you or be overly dramatic. The point is "Test, don't guess." Functional medicine is NOT just about supplements and vitamins. There's a lot more to it. 

If your goal is to simply take some supplements and ignore the testing, then our practice is NOT the right fit for you. But if you're willing to dive in and explore the fascinating world of functional medicine, then please continue on and book a free call.

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