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ReCODE Protocol Daily Balance

ReCODE Protocol Daily Balance

When it comes to defending against the risk of cognitive decline, and aiding the overall health and wellness of your brain, this dynamic duo can’t be beat!  Formulated in partnership with Dale Bredesen, MD, these powders contain powerful, all-natural ingredients that have been shown to improve cognitive function and brain health outcomes.*


Plus, you get the added benefit of dietary fiber to support gut health and immunity, all-natural energy boosters to put a little pep in your step (in Morning Balance), and proven calm-down botanicals to help ease you into restful sleep (in Evening Balance).*

ReCODE Protocol Daily Balance contains one (1) each of:

ReCODE Protocol Morning Balance Powder

Serving Size: 2 sachets

Promotes cognition and memory by providing signaling and trophic support. Plus, exogenous ketones to fuel energy production, dietary fiber and probiotics for gut health and immunity, and other nutrients to support a healthy vascular system.* 


ReCODE Protocol Evening Balance Powder

Serving Size: 1 sachet

Contains ingredients to reduce stress, promote sleep, and support cognition and memory. It’s formulated to support the neurotransmission, gut health, and immunity.* 

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