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ODX blood chemistry software report

ODX blood chemistry software report

Using the latest in research and practice, your blood test biomarkers are interpreted using our ground-breaking analysis and logical methods. By combining a collection of rules, scoring, weighting, probability, uncertainty, and inference, we've produced the most powerful interpretive "Functional Health Report" available anywhere. The Blood Chem Software is truly in a league of its own.


Please note that the cost of blood testing is NOT included. This cost only includes the Functional Health Report.


There are two options when ordering this report:


1. Automated entry: ONLY if you have lab results from Evexia diagnostics or Ulta labs. 


2. Manual entry done by our staff: If you have results from all other labs (not from Evexia/Ulta labs)


Please choose the appropriate option at checkout. If choosing the manual entry option, please upload your test results in your patient portal.



What is included in the Optimal DX Functional Health Report™?

- Credible, evidence-based analysis

- Peer-reviewed “optimal ranges” along with the standard reference ranges

- Personalized Health Improvement Plan with either generic or specific product recommendations using the nutraceutical line of your choice

- Background details about each lab element tested

- Functional Index Report showing the 20 indices of Functional Health

-  Blood Test History Report giving a historical view of the last 7 blood tests side by side

- Recommended Further Testing

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