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ReCode 2.0 Economy Package

ReCode 2.0 Economy Package

What's included:


18 weeks, 6 sessions (in person or videoconference)


  • Compliance monitoring: Patient & Dr. Gupta
  • Contact time: 360 minutes (6x60, in person or videoconference)
  • Dietary advice included
  • Up to 2 ReCode reports
  • Email support included
  • Live chat support included
  • Personal mentoring by Dr. Gupta
  • Professional-exclusive supplements**
  • Online lifestyle journals
  • Over 150 specialized recipes
  • Customized troubleshooting
  • Ketone meter plus 60 ketone strips**
  • Real-time ketosis monitoring


Terms & Conditions

- All payments are strictly non-refundable. No refunds under any circumstances.

- Lab testing is not included in any package. If you need help with ordering lab tests, please contact us for customized pricing. 

- ReCode subscription is not included in any package. If you wish to subscribe, please visit
** For international patients outside the United States, delivery charges will be calculated at checkout.
- Client is solely responsible for all charges and taxes/duties related to customs. We are not liable for delays or additional costs due to customs. 

** International patients pay extra for shipping. If you do not wish to pay shipping, please provide a United States address.

Should you choose to continue with one of our plans, you agree to all the above terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the program so expensive?

If you've read Dr. Bredesen's book, you know about the 36 holes that need to be identified and corrected. This takes time, effort and careful detective work on Dr. Gupta's part. There are lots of cheaper alternatives on the market. However, our experience is that most patients come to us after wasting several years and dollars on those cheap programs. 

I would rather keep the patient in a Alzheimer's care facility. It's cheaper.​

We encourage you to do a long-term cost effectiveness analysis. Taking care of an Alzheimer's patient in a facility could cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 per month. Our programs cost a fraction of that. Even though we ask for a big upfront investment, the long-term savings make this a worthwhile endeavor.

Does Dr. Gupta accept all patients?

No. Dr. Gupta will assess your level of commitment beforehand. A key part of demonstrating your commitment is willingness to make a financial investment - although there are several other criteria.

Is functional medicine a scam?

We get tons of hate mail every day because we offer cutting-edge medicine that threatens big pharma and their venal touts. We consider every hate mail as a badge of honor. Once the conventional community has spent all their energy mocking and offering mediocre ideas, they will eventually come around to the same conclusions as the functional medicine community. We encourage you to read the story of Ignaz Semmelweis.    

Are there any "deals" or "promotions"?

Absolutely not. If you're looking for a deal, please Google Alzheimer's cure and we're sure you will find several options. 


What is not included:

1. Laboratory tests are not included in any of the packages. 


2. Client is solely responsible for all customs related charges and taxes / duties. We are not responsible for delays or additional costs due to customs. We have no responsibility for the customs regulations in your country.


3. International delivery cost will be calculated at checout. If you do not wish to pay for shipping, please provide a United States address.

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