Reset your Autoimmune Condition

    After having been misdiagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis for several years and overcoming it with Functional Medicine, Dr Gupta now works with autoimmune disease patients all over the world. Please book a consult to discuss your specific condition.

    Wahls Protocol

     Hourly consults
     4 week Reclaim Your Life Program
     8 week Autoimmune Program16 week Autoimmune Reset
     Pricing$ 349 $999
    Protocol Elimination, FODMAP,
    Anti-Candida depending on your condition
    AIPAIPAIP + Wahls
     EligibilityMild autoimmune conditions.
    Depends on patient history.
    Mild to moderate autoimmune conditions
    Depends on patient history.
    Moderate autoimmune conditions
     Severe autoimmune conditions such as MS, CIDP, GBS etc.
    GI-MAPMandatory. Not included.
    Mandatory. Not included. One included
    One included
     60 minute sessions
     1 1 1 2
     30 minute sessions 1 3 6
     Email support
     Yes Yes Yes
    Personalized mentoring
     Yes YesYes
     Live web chat
    Professional-exclusive supplements

    Yes Yes

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