Bredesen Protocol supplement pack: Advanced

Bredesen Protocol supplement pack: Advanced

Supplements customized to your Recode report. 


Our Advanced package should last you anywhere from 20 to 28 weeks, depending on the dosages on your Recode report


International shipping outside the United States is NOT included in the package price.


Each part of the Bredesen Protocol (B7) supplement recommendations is designed to improve the neurochemistry that supports the production, maintenance, and optimal function of synapses, the critical connections in our brains. If we optimize the various parameters in the B7, we should be able to make and maintain these synapses for decades to come.


Diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, brain stimulation, and detoxification are all important and powerful. Adding to
these is supplementation, and while the effective use of supplements is critical for best outcomes, please remember these are, by definition, supplementary. Thus they are meant to be
used with the other members of the B7, and in such a setting, they provide effective synaptic support.


If you are currently taking medications such as blood thinners, please consult with your physician before starting supplements.