Dopamine is the Master Neurotransmitter

    What is DARPP-32 and how does it relate to Parkinson's Disease?

    The Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2000 was given out for DARPP-32 research. Dopamine is the master controller for everything – the neurotransmitters, hormones, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, serotonin. One of the ways we see this manifest in humans is with drug use. Another common dopamine-related disorder is Parkinson's Disease.  

    A dopamine problem can explain everything from Parkinson's Disease to gambling, food addiction, sex addiction or alcoholism. 

    What do we do about it?

    We're back to Functional Medicine's basic mantra: Test, don't guess!

    An Organix profile is your best bet when it comes to neurological conditions like Parkinson's, Autism, Addictions or Eating Disorders. Not only does it give you information about dopamine status, but it also tells you about potential neurotoxins that may be damaging your brain cells.

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                                               CNS Restore: The Functional Medicine approach 

    Our CNS Restore program is well-suited for patients with Parkinson's, autism, eating disorders and a host of other neurological conditions.

    Dr Gupta uses a combination of diet, lifestyle and nutrition interventions to treat patients with Parkinson's Disease. Our full service 18 week package includes:

    - One Organix profile at the beginning of the program

    - One Organix profile at the end of 18 weeks

    - GI-MAP PCR test

    - 300 minutes of consultation time with Dr Gupta

    - Email support

    - Professional exclusive supplement package

    - Dietary guidelines and recipes

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