28 day salivary panels for hormonal disorders​

    Do you suffer from infertility and/or PCOS? Test, don't guess. 

    Before spending thousands of dollars on expensive IVF treatments, run a 28 day salivary hormonal panel.  

    We promise your body will thank you for it!

    A 28-day hormone panel looks exactly like the one pictured below. This is a salivary test where you have to send in 15-17 saliva samples (yes, no needles!) which helps the lab map out what your hormones are doing.  Once Dr Gupta has a clear picture of your cycle or any related abnormalities, he will be able to guide you towards the steps needed for a healthy and successful pregnancy! The program includes a reusable ovulation detector to know your most fertile days.
    Our program also includes a specially designed supplement program to naturally increase the sperm count of the male partner !

      Hormone Restore:  The tried and tested Functional Medicine approach for Infertility and PCOS 

      Our full service package includes:

    - 28 day hormone panel (saliva, no needles)

    - GI-MAP PCR test to heal your gut (so your baby gets your healthy microbiome)

    - Organic Acids test (to rule out any toxic exposures which may affect your baby's health) 

    - Professional-exclusive supplement program (improves your fertility naturally)

    - Reusable Ovulation Detector (to know your most fertile days)

    - Sperm count restoration of male partner (if he's not cooperative, we will not force him to test)

    - 300 minutes of consultation time with Dr Gupta over 5 months

    - Email and chat support

    - A celebration when you're pregnant with your baby!

    Hormone Restore Package

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    Reusable Fertility Detector

    This personal ovulation detector allows you to predict ovulation (your most fertile time of the month to conceive) with 98% accuracyNo more expensive, messy urine ovulation tests and no more guesswork - even for women with irregular cycles. This is a 100% safe, natural, and accurate aid to conception - and is the most affordable fertility monitor available.

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