Autism is treatable

    Autism is a complex spectrum of disorders that share three classic features - impaired communication, poor social engagement and repetitive behaviors. On one end of the spectrum are people who are socially awkward but, in many cases, incredibly bright. At the other extreme are individuals with severe mental disabilities and behavioral problems.


    Among autistic children's most common health complaints? Gastrointestinal problems. Although estimates vary widely, some studies have concluded that up to 90 percent of autistic children suffer from tummy troubles. According to the CDC, they're more than 3.5 times more likely to experience chronic diarrhea and constipation than their normally developing peers. 

                    Which tests do you need to do if you have an autistic child?

    ‚ÄčA gut screen and an Organic Acids test are absolutely essential for an autistic child. The videos below will give you some tips on integrative testing and functional medicine approaches for autism. Inquire about Dr Gupta's customized autism packages.